We enjoy hearing what our parents have to say about Love to Learn Preschool. Please take a few moments to read the following testimonies. We welcome and encourage your feedback.

"Our son attended Love to Learn Preschool with Miss Tammy and our daughter will also attend with her next year. Tammy is amazing and truly cares about each of the kids in her class. I was so impressed with how much time and effort she put into the curriculum and activities. My son was so excited each morning to go to preschool. He learned so much and we saw such a tremendous improvement with his letters, numbers, and reading. Tammy was also amazing with snacks and treats, as our son has severe food allergies. I felt so comfortable sending him to preschool each day knowing that he was safe. I can't recommend Tammy and Love to Learn Preschool enough." - Natalie H.

"Love to learn preschool with Tammy Carpenter is a preschool that will, with parent involvement, teach your child to exceed all other preschool expectations. My third child learned under Ms. Tammy and I was constantly impressed with all the knowledge and completed assignments he came home with. Each month Tammy sends an email with the months lesson plan, and each week she would communicate the weeks goals (colors, shapes, letter, number, and sight words). I appreciated the amount of open communication Tammy would have with me and how quickly she responded. Each week my son learned colors, numbers, letters, science, days of weeks, Spanish or sign language, hand eye coordination, stem, poems, songs, animal and bug facts, and other important life lessons and skills for their age group. Tammy really takes into account the sentimental parent aspect of it as well, as each week my son would come home with a really nice craft that he and I treasure. Field trips are something she encourages. I loved the field trips that both my son and I were able to enjoy together. Tammy makes sure to keep your child challenged and busy with plenty of stem learning, crafts, and play. Tammy has taught my son how to get along with others and kindness to all. The children feel loved and everyone was always happy to go to preschool. Tammy teaches out of early reading Christian books (that are extremely well made by Rita Lyon). Tammy taught my son to be engaged and motivated with sticker charts and prizes (but not overly bribed). My son would remind me to read with him daily and because of those efforts he can now say all of his sounds and write all of his letters. He can read and identify small words- this is a huge accomplishment for a 4 year old, and because of this ability, his confidence in himself is through the roof! He loves that he can take out a book and understand more than just pictures. He feels like he can keep up with his older siblings and even tries to read to his baby sister. I have always had my children in accelerated learning, and Tammy does such a fantastic job at making sure that your children will be able to not only keep up but, with parent involvement, be at the top of their class. Another huge thing my son has learned is to memorize. He memorized 1-4 poems each month which he still recites. After a few months he was able to easily memorize my phone number and is working on our address. This is a big thing as he can now confidently call me in case we get separated. Tammy genuinely cares for each of the children in her class. She provides them healthy snacks, exercise, and does not sit them in front of a tv (and she will tell you if there will be the rare, short educational video).Parent involvement is a big key to your child's success, Ms. Tammy (or any other preschool) is just a helping tool that will help unlock your child’s full potential. Love to learn preschool, in my opinion, is definitely the best of the best! I recommend Love to learn preschool with Ms. Tammy to everyone! Thank you, Tammy, from the bottom of my heart to especially make my son feel so loved and confident during such a difficult year to be a child (Covid).- Stephanie H.

"Gunner attended Love to Learn Preschool with Miss Tammy this last year. We had such am amazing experience even with Covid. He learned so much; Spanish, sign language, how to read. She made it so much fun he couldn't wait to go to school. We will be sending all our kiddos to Love to Learn!" - Lindsey G.

"We absolutely loved our experience with Love to Learn! Tammy makes learning fun and we were blown away by all that our preschooler learned in just one year. We can't wait to have our younger 2 attend here as well." - Elyse H.

"Miss Tammy is absolutely amazing with the kids. I’ve had both of my children attend Love to Learn Preschool and have been super impressed. They go above and beyond in helping your child learn and prepare for kindergarten. Not to mention the art activities are so creative and fun for the kids. Just can’t say enough great things about this preschool!"Callie R.

"Miss Tammy is an amazing preschool teacher! I'm so grateful for all the time and effort she puts into creating such a fun and safe learning experience for the kiddos. My daughter learned so much from her and most importantly she felt so loved from Miss Tammy. I highly recommend Love to Learn Preschool!!" - Kimberly H.

"A preschool is only as good as the people in charge of it. Tammy Carpenter is a loving, warm, wonderful teacher and person. She has created an exceptional preschool in an environment that is safe and ready for little ones to learn and grow. I was pleased with how organized Tammy is, the reading program, and the field trips they went on. Hands down I would recommend Love To Learn Preschool to anyone and am grateful my daughter was able to attend." - Dusty B.

"I highly recommend Love To Learn Preschool! My daughter learned all letter recognition, sounds, shapes, numbers, and how to blend letter sounds into words. Ms. Tammy has a unique reading program that has helped my daughter excel in reading. Her preschool is clean, fun, organized, and taught with love!" - Trisha C.

"My son attended preschool at Love to Learn preschool for the 2017–2018 school year. He had a wonderful experience. Having just moved here at the start of the school year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was very pleased. The preschool is located very near my other children’s schools (Ishikawa and Stapley) so drop off and pick up was quite convenient for me. The school is clean and well organized. It is located in a quiet neighborhood, in the basement of a beautiful and clean home. The basement is dedicated entirely to the preschool. Everything has a place, and it is organized and tidy. Hooks for backpacks and coats, tables for the children to work at, books neatly on the shelves, learning toys, art and craft supplies organized, and a bathroom in the basement dedicated to the preschool. My son loved his time at Love to Learn preschool and is thriving this year in kindergarten! Thanks Love to Learn Preschool!" - Erin N.